About us
Imagine you are co-ordinating at a social function and you need to be precise about the timing and the execution at the venue, be it catering, guests’ arrival, music, setting up of venue or the service. Such a co-ordination will not only be time consuming but also cumbersome, even if the entire co-ordination team consists of only 5 people.

We take pride in introducing ourselves to your esteemed organization. We are engaged in the business of providing Walkie Talkie and other Telecom and Security Solutions to our clients.

We are capable of giving all types of telecom spares with respect to Walkie Talkie and other Telecom and Security Products, viz: Telephone Handsets, Cords, Batteries, PTTs, Hand Held Metal Detector Chargers and Batteries, Door Frame Metal Detector Spares, etc. We do undertake maintenance contracts of various equipments with our staff of Technical Engineers and Technicians.