Walkie Talkie
Base Station & Repeaters
  Imagine you are co-ordinating at a social function and you need to be precise about the timing and the execution at the venue, be it catering, guests’ arrival, music, setting up of venue or the service. Such a co-ordination will not only be time consuming but also cumbersome, even if the entire co-ordination team consists of only 5 people.

A perfect way to get the communication at top-notch speed and precision is a Hand Held Radio or a Walkie Talkie.

Most business users need to communicate “on-site” in and around their structures. Coverage of their facility with a clear, intelligible signal is the primary concern.

Ditch the social function scenario for a minute and consider other venues where a Walkie Talkie is important.

You have the Construction Field, Event Planners, Restaurants, Mining Fields, Ship Yards, Transport Companies, Large Fields, Fire Fighters, Airports, Housing Complexes etc. Where communication and security is a concern, Walkie Talkies are the need of the hour.